KEI Employees

Koocanusa Excavating, Inc.

PO Box 1855

Eureka, MT 59917

Employee Outline:

Buck Schermerhorn Owner/Operator/Supervisor

4 years The Boeing Company (Seattle, WA) Tooling Engineer

1.5 years PDS Engineering (Seattle, WA) Project Manager

15 years Montana Design Services, Inc. (Eureka, MT) President

3 years Koocanusa Excavating, Inc. (Eureka, MT) Owner/Operator

  • Buck has been working in engineering and construction related project for the past 20 years. He has worked on a number of local projects such as the Eureka Riverwalk, LCHS Track project, TVRA bleacher project, Riverstone Lodge and currently is the project manager for the Indian Springs Ranch golf course project. Attached are a number of reference letters from people he has worked with and for in the past 15 years.

Dexter Schermerhorn Operator

30 years Koocanusa Plumbing & Electric (Eureka, MT) Owner/Operator

14 years Koocanusa Excavating, Inc. (Eureka, MT) Operator

  • Dex has operated heavy equipment for over 40 years. He owned and operated some of the first excavators in the valley. His list of successful projects is long and his list of satisfied customers is just as long.

Bart Roose Operator/Foreman

8 years Penco Construction (Wisconsin) Operation Manager

9 years AMX, Inc (Wisconsin) General Manager

3 years Koocanusa Excavating, Inc. (Eureka, MT) Operator/Foreman

  • Bart brings a lot of experience to KEI from the large projects he worked on in Wisconsin. He managed a team of over 20 men on projects that exceeded 14 million dollars. His operating skills and management skills are used daily to help KEI complete successful projects.

Keith Glover Operator

11 years US Forest Service Timber Sale Adm

13 years King Logging and Construction (Eureka) Road Foreman

16 years Owens & Hurst Lumber Company (Eureka) Resourse Manager

1.5 years Koocanusa Excavating, Inc. (Eureka, MT) Operator

  • Keith has a lot of experience in the construction field as well as supervision experience from his years at Owens and Hurst. He is proficient with most equipment and has helped with a number of our larger projects.

Scott Goheen Operator

15 years Owens & Hurst Lumber Company (Eureka) Sawmill Foreman

3 years Koocanusa Excavating, Inc. (Eureka, MT) Operator

  • Scott has been KEI’s main excavator operator for the past year and a half. He has worked on many different projects with road construction one of the main areas where he has excelled. His stream work on Sinclair Creek was praised by all involved in the project.

Randy Schermerhorn Operator

10 years Higle Construction (Eureka) Sawyer/Skidder

23 years Owens and Hurst Lumber Company (Eureka) Scaler

3 years Koocanusa Excavating, Inc. (Eureka, MT) Operator/Driver

  • Randy worked in the woods as a skidder operator and sawyer for a lot of years. His transition into the sawmill side was aided by this experience. He worked in the log yard as an operator before moving into the forestry side as a scaler and forester aid. His move to the construction side has been seamless with all this experience.

Seth Braach Operator

6 years T-Heart Ranch (Philipsburg) Ranch Hand

6 years Eureka Truss Company (Eureka) Truss manufacturing

2 years Koocanusa Excavating, Inc. (Eureka) Operator/Laborer/Driver

  • Seth has developed into a great equipment operator and is not afraid of a shovel. His eye to detail and the finished product is invaluable on our projects.




PO BOX 1855 EUREKA, MT 59917
(406) 297-7609